Terms & Conditions

Toll roads in an ARA vehicle

All Motorists are required by law to pay a "toll" to drive on a private motorway. A toll is also payable on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel.

All toll roads in Australia are now "cashless". This means you will need an electronic tag to pay.

If you already have an electronic tag you can temporarily add the registration of your ARA vehicle to your E-tag for the dates and the start and end hour of your ARA hire to ensure you are only charged for the tolls and charges that you incur.

If you do not have a tag you can set up a casual user pass before you travel on the toll road or up to 3 days after you use a toll road. For more information on casual user passes or to apply for a casual user pass you can call RMS office on 131 865 office hours are 8.30am-5.00pm Monday-Friday and 8.30am-12pm Saturday or visit here.

Please be aware that any toll notice received by ARA will incur a $25.00 processing fee per penalty notice regardless of reason or fault. By traveling on a toll road you are accepting this charge should ARA receive a notice on your behalf.

Infringement notices

ARA vehicles should not be used or driven in breach of any relevant laws, by-laws or council regulations. However should you receive an infringement notice you should attend to the matter by the due date. If ARA receives an infringement or reminder notice on your behalf you will incur a $25.00 processing fee per notice regardless of reason or fault.

Motor vehicle incident

Should you become involved in a motor vehicle incident in an ARA vehicle please

  1. Evaluate the seriousness of the incident and take appropriate actions to avoid further injury or loss (call 000 immediately if there are serious injuries/danger).
  2. Exchange details with other drivers involved (there will be a report form in your ARA vehicle glove box).
  3. Contact ARA as soon as practical on (02) 4967 7079 and advise an ARA representative of your location, details of incident and your contact details.
  4. Report the incident to the police and obtain an event number.
  5. Submit all correspondence ,forms and reports to an ARA office as soon as possible (within 24 hours).
  6. ARA staff can assist you if you have any further queries.


Minimum $220.00 credit card preauthorisation per rental agreement.

Minimum $1000.00 credit card preauthorisation per rental agreement for vehicles over 8Tonne GVM. Bonds are surety for all rentals and are refundable if vehicles are returned in the same condition as initially taken. A returned bond does not relieve hirers responsibility until a final post rental inspection.


Minimum $2900.00 excess per incident, for multi and single vehicle incidents. For an additional fee the insurance waiver may be reduced to a $330.00 excess per multi vehicle incident. This additional cover is at the companies discretion. Minimum $5,000.00 excess applies to vehicles >4.5T GVM and crane truck vehicles, however for crane truck vehicles there is no insurance cover for damage caused to/from the crane. Insurance doesn’t cover overhead, undercarriage, glass or tyre damage caused to any vehicle; with the exception of the damage being a direct result of being involved in a multi-vehicle accident.

Age requirements:

Minimum age of hirers 21 years old

Maximum age of hirers 75 years old

A 20% age levy is applied to the rental rate for hirers 21-25 years old with an unrestricted licence. If the hirer holds a restricted licence (P1 or P2) a further 20% surcharge will apply to the total cost of the rental.

Vehicle returns:

Vehicles remain the responsibility of the hirer until the vehicle is checked in by an ARA representative within office hours. A returned bond does not relieve hirers responsibility until a final post rental inspection

1 FUEL: vehicles not completely refuelled will incur a service fee of $10 plus the cost of the fuel.

2 LATE RETURN: small vehicles payable at a rate of $22/hour or part thereof, commercial vehicles payable at a rate of $33/hour or part thereof.

3 EXCESS KILOMETRES: payable at the rate of $0.22/km for cars, $0.33/km for 4.5Tonne GVM trucks & 4wd and $0.55/km for >8tonne GVM vehicles

4 CLEANING excessively dirty vehicles will incur a charge for cleaning, a minimum charge of $55 applies for cleaning and or deodorising before any bonds can be refunded. Smoking and animals are not permitted in our vehicles.

Payment method:

Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Cash or AMEX.

All rates quoted are based on cash prices. Surcharges may apply for other payment methods.


For all reservations confirmed by means of a booking fee, a cancellation fee of minimum $50 applies.


24 hours notice prior to early returns is required to obtain a refund at the applicable rate. No refunds are given under any other conditions.

Please note for more detailed information for any headings listed above please refer to your rental agreement.