Vehicle Leasing

ARA is a Newcastle based company specialising in fully maintained, non-residual vehicle leasing with our Serviced, Maintained And non-Residual Transport (SMART) plan.

We will provide the vehicle you want to satisfy your requirements and tailor the lease to suit your needs.

Why tie up your time, money and effort purchasing and maintaining your vehicles? Let our knowledge and experience work for you.

Our SMART lease vehicles plan has the following features:

  • Your choice of vehicle to suit your needs.
  • We pay registration, stamp duty and third party insurance.
  • We arrange the regular servicing.
  • Normal fair wear and tear maintenance is paid by us.
  • A replacement vehicle can be provided when your vehicle is off the road for normal servicing and maintenance.
  • Your leasing cost is fixed for the term of the lease.*
  • Terms are from one to two years with an optional third year.
  • No residual payment for you to pay out.
  • You may obtain a new vehicle at the end of the lease period.
  • Your choice of optional items such as tailor made seat covers, bull bar, tow bar, reverse sensors/camera etc. can be added to suit your needs.

This is how YOU benefit from our SMART plan:

  • We arrange and deliver the lease vehicle of your choice.
  • You have no large capital outlay.
  • Your paperwork, accounting and staff costs are reduced.
  • Fixed costs for the term of the lease makes your budgeting easier.*
  • Your vehicle scheduled servicing and maintenance requirements are attended to by us.
  • Leased vehicles will provide you with better taxation advantages.
  • Additional vehicles may be acquired whenever you require them.
  • With our SMART plan you only pay the monthly rental fee and vehicle comprehensive insurance. We take care of the rest. However if you prefer we can also provide comprehensive insurance, fuel cards, E-Tags etc.

This enables you to devote your resources more effectively to your business.

Be SMART, do yourself and your business a favour. Let us show you how you can improve your image, cut your vehicle operating costs and increase your efficiency.

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* Subject to Government charges.

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